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ConnectReach & BrandBoost

Buyer & Seller Pairing
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Buyer & Seller Pairing

ConnectReach Tier 1 (10+ annual connections)
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Expert Consulting/Mentorship (2X/yr)  
ConnectReach Tier 2 (20+) annual connections)
Promotion (2X)

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Expert Consulting/Mentorship (4X/yr)  
ConnectReach Tier 3 (30+ annual connections)

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Our onboarding is simple, requiring no new applications. We do the heavy lifting, utilizing our private data, as well as artificial intelligence to bring results directly to our customers. Automate negotiation, and add value to your current marketing, unlock untapped potential with our revolutionary platform.

Collaborate and Elevate!

It's Never Been Easier To Grow Your Brand on Colaeb

What if 90% of businesses didn't have to fail? 80% of black businesses didn't fail within 18 months? Whether you are a team of 1 or 1,000,000, Colaeb's platform was made to keep your brand operating at top frequency.

Move fast and efficiently while always giving your customers a human, helpful experience.

Marketing, Advertising, Education, Finances, are the oil of a business that's where we live!
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Be Found

Ensure your target audience quickly finds you in today's business landscape.

New Customers

Get real results! Connect to real people instead of abstract data like clicks, or impressions.


Leverage Colaeb's proprietary data and intelligence to enhance your current marketing efforts.

Peace of Mind

Find operations, legal, finance, tax and fundraising support, ensuring a solid foundation.
Average ROI
220+ Hours
Saved Finding First Customer
41+ Months
Average Retention Rate
81% Growth
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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“To promote, a gamified movement app turning outdoor cardio into a community-based game of team turf war! Also, I'd like to get tips and advice on steps to continue to grow my business!"

Destin B.

Austin, TX

"We have had so many introductions from Collaborate and Elevate to wonderful people! Life as a startup founder can be hard, I highly recommend joining!"

Aleksandra B.

Founder, Cafilia
Cleveland, OH

"Thank you, Colaeb! You've helped me grow my social media following, introduced me to amazing people, and so much more. Prayers Up, Blessings Up!"

Jabez El Israel

Father, Author
‍‍Miami, FL

Trusted All Over The World


Discover our power, revolutionizing the way businesses identify untapped opportunities and optimize their growth strategies. All plans are customized to fit your needs.

Tier 1

Includes All Membership Benefits
Lead Generation and Promotion Tier 1
Strategic Analysis
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Tier 2

$5,000 /month
Includes Tier 1
Lead Generation and Promotion Tier 2
24/7 Support + Assigned Customer Rep
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Tier 3

$7,500 /month
Includes Tier 2
Creative Support and Review
Lead Generation, Prospecting, and Promotion Tier 3
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We immediately get to work! Our members are actively looking for a competitive edge, enabling us to utilize the information you provide to facilitate connection.

Empowering Businesses

We host experiential events online and in person featuring business leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals sharing their stories, advice, and tips like how founders can raise money from investors!

Kim Lewis

 Founder of CurlMix

Eva Chan

Founder of Launch Pop

Teneshia Carr

Founder of Blanc Magazine

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product, billing, and customer service.
How does this work?
After you sign up, you receive a welcome email with unique questions that applies to you and your goals. Per your response, we utilize our platform and relationships to help you attain these objectives. Our results are based on the membership tier selected. Our intro email includes Marketing support from our internal and social media accounts, our proprietary data simplifying businesses to reach their goals, and a 10-page strategy slide deck.
Is there a free trial available? What does "Promotion" include?
Yes, our platform is free to use, however features are limited based on your tier. Promotion includes internal (email, etc) and external (social media, etc) utilization to share your brand.
Can I change my plan after I join?
Of course! At any point you can email us at to adjust your plan.
What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that things change. You can cancel your plan at any time. We handle refunds on a situation by situation basis.
Is there a software that I get access to after joining and how do you connect me to new customers?
There is no software required to download or profile that you need to create. Our product was built for ease of use and maximum return on investment to customers. We connect you with new customers via email, social media, in person, or any other platforms available.
How does billing work?
Plans are automatically charged monthly or yearly, per the option that you selected. You can upgrade or downgrade, at any time.
What is BrandBoost? What is ConnectReach?
BrandBoost is a powerful feature developed by our company that empowers brands to achieve maximum visibility both online and offline. We leverage our platform, social media, growing email list, and other cutting-edge marketing techniques to enhance brand awareness, enabling businesses to reach their target audience effectively and generate substantial growth.

ConnectReach is an innovative feature offered by our company that acts as a bridge between brands and new potential customers, founders and investors, and more. By leveraging data-driven insights, we identify and connect brands with their target audience, enabling businesses to expand their customer base and drive meaningful growth.

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Fueling Business Growth

Colaeb leverages its exclusive, proprietary data to seamlessly connect customers with essential resources, from education to promotion, fostering strategic partnerships and driving exponential growth.

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