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We help businesses create authentic connections online and in person, reaching new customers,  resources, and essential partners.

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At Colaeb (pronounced collab), our goal is to empower communities by helping businesses grow exponentially. We empower businesses to unlock their full potential by sharing innovative tools and strategic insights to streamline operations, optimize performance, and drive sustainable growth.


Build with Community:
Collaborate and Elevate

Whether you have a team of 2 or 200,000, our platform was made to keep businesses operating at top frequency. Move fast and efficiently while always giving your customers a human, helpful experience.
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Optimize your online presence, elevate SEO scores, and ensure your target audience quickly finds you in today's digital landscape.

Connect with Customers

We go beyond abstract data, enabling businesses to forge genuine connections with real customers, fostering meaningful relationships that drive long-term success.

Growth Advertising

Leverage data and insights to enhance your existing ad campaigns, delivering targeted and impactful messaging to the right audience.


We link you to legal, finance, tax and fundraising support, ensuring a solid foundation for growth and success.
Average ROI
220+ Hours
Saved Finding First Customer
$41+ Million
Community Transactions
Average Boost in Net Promoter Score

Read Why Professionals Join Everyday

“To promote Card.io, a gamified movement app turning outdoor cardio into a community-based game of team turf war! Also, I'd like to get tips and advice on steps to continue to grow my business!"

Destin B.

Seed-Funded Startup Founder
Austin, TX

"I enjoy working closely with my team to mentor and help them to grow as individuals in their careers. I also enjoy sharing my passion about Community through speaking engagements and conferences."

Rachel M.

Marketing Executive
San Francisco, CA

"To achieve better branding for my nonprofit and increase the outreach of supporters, and meet impactful investors. I'm interested in learning how to market our services better and improve our exposure."

Patricia D.

Non-profit CEO and Founder
Columbus, OH

Join Entrepreneurs, Artists, Contractors, Startups, Small Businesses, and Top Companies benefit from our Platform in Minutes!


$47.95 /year
Growth Strategy Deck
Community Channel Access


Guaranteed Connections
Brand Promotional Video (original)
Experts available on demand

-NPS Boost


$35 /month
$360 /year
Growth Strategy Deck
Community Channel Access


Guaranteed Connections (12-36+ yearly)

Brand Promotional Video (original)

Experts available on demand

-NPS Boost


$95 /month
$1,025 /year
Growth Strategy Deck
Community Channel Access

Guaranteed Connections (24-48+ yearly)

Promotion (6X/yearly)
Brand Promotional Video (original)

Experts available on demand

-NPS Boost


$180 /month
$1,945 /year
Growth Strategy Deck
Community Channel Access

Guaranteed Connections (36-72+ yearly)

Promotion (12X/yearly)

Brand Promotional Video (original)

Experts available on demand

NPS Boost

More benefits await as an Enterprise Member. Click here to learn More.

All sales are final. Please email hi@collaborateandelevate.com if you would like to upgrade your membership or cancel.

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After You Join

You will receive a welcome email within  moments after selecting your plan and joining from hi@collaborateandelevate.com

Please complete All of the steps in the Welcome Email to ensure success! Check your promotions or spam folder if you do not see.

We immediately get to work! Our members are actively looking for a competitive edge, enabling us to utilize the information you provide to facilitate connection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product, billing, and customer service.
How does this work?
After you sign up, you receive a welcome email with unique questions that applies to you and your goals. Per your response, we utilize our platform and relationships to help you reach your goals. Our results are based on the membership tier selected.
Is there a free trial or membership available?
Yes, we view our social media platforms and News section as free advice and information. These channels are available for free offering tips and the latest business news at no charge.
Can I change my plan after I join?
Of course! At any point you can email or contact us via social media as well as upgrading online to change your membership. Our pricing scales with your company. Chat to our friendly team to find a solution that works for you by emailing hi@collaborateandelevate.com.
What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that things change. You can cancel your plan at any time. We handle refunds on a situation by situation basis.
Is there a software that I get access to after joining and how do you connect me to new customers?
Our product was built for ease of use and maximum return on investment to customers, so at the moment, no, because it is not needed for us to deliver our results. We connect you with new customers via email, social media, telephone, our discord channel, web partners, or in person. You will have access to the Collaborate and Elevate discord channel to connect with other members after you join.
How does billing work?
Plans are automatically charged monthly or yearly, per the option that you selected. You can upgrade or downgrade, at any time.
What does Growth strategy deck mean?
We share information and a process immediately with customers after they sign up. This deck has information from experts in the industry on managing your business and positioning your brand to scale.
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Fueling Business Growth

Colaeb leverages it's exclusive, proprietary data to seamlessly connect customers with essential resources, from education to promotion, fostering strategic partnerships and driving exponential growth.

Ask Us Anything

"Questions about entrepreneurship, business growth, advertising strategies, processes, etc are where Colaeb's special sauce comes in to play!" - Chad Porter

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